Vibration measurments

DC-21 Data Collector
The DC-21 is a fully digital, two channel, spectrum analyzer and data collector. It is intended to make:
  • Condition monitoring and diagnostics measurements
  • Rotor balancing (optional)
  • Test diagnostics
  • Light weight portable data collector
  • Full route capabilities
  • Transducer signal audio output to earphones
  • Internal power supply for tacho probe
  • Simple, six button operation
  • On-line context sensitive help system
VM-21 Vibration Monitor
The VM-21 is a fully digital, programmable dual channel vibration monitor for on-line systems. It is intended to make:
  • Measurements and indication of voltage signals from different sensors.
  • Measured level comparison to pre-programmed thresholds and vibration severity indication with bar graphs and color.
  • Analysis of changes in vibration - indication of monotonous vibration increase and rapid changes in vibration.
  • Simultaneous analysis of high frequency vibration as an indication of bearing wear. Indication of HF vibration increase.
  • Supply analog output from accelerometers to data collectors and vibration analyzers for detailed analysis.
  • Produce alarms or other actions with integrated relays (two per channel with programmable action).
  • Provide 4-20 mA output for each channel.
DREAM® for Windows
DREAM (Diagnostic Rolling Element Analysis Module) for Windows is a complete software system for condition monitoring, automatic condition diagnostics and condition prediction for rotating machines. DREAM for Windows is designed to work with a number of data collectors and is capable of working as a continuous monitoring and diagnostic system in it's on-line mode.

DREAM is used for:
  • long-term predictions of a machine's condition and forecasts of the minimum safe operation period of the machine
  • predictive maintenance planning
  • collection and storage of machine condition data for further processing and reporting
    form and load route information and unload data from portable instruments
  • set up and control measurements for on-line measurement systems
  • collect and save the machine condition data for further processing and reporting
  • automatic condition diagnostics and long-term condition prediction
  • issuing of recommendations for machinery maintenance based on actual machine conditions
  • advanced level of reliability for detailed condition diagnostics and life forecasts
  • detection of faults in the incipient stage of their development;
The VibroTek and VAST provide a full range of systems for field balancing from light systems using up to 3 balancing planes and up to 8 measurement points to professional systems with almost no limits.

The main features of the systems are as follows:
  • measurement process monitoring that allows you to reduce machine runs
  • program algorithms to get required balancing accuracy using the minimal number of planes and trial runs
  • diagnostics of the shaft line problems which can reduce balancing efficiency
  • estimation of balancing efficiency during calculations

Several options are available for VBal including:
  • balancing during run-up or coast down
  • balancing by relocation of non-removable balancing weights
  • balancing without tacho probe

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  • Trinity Mechanical Services-DMI
  • Albwardy Marine Engineering
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  • Petrofac- Ruwais
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